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LaraMee dishes up a double dose of H/C, Chris-Vin style, in Friendship Walk and This Man's Life. Both are set in the Old West.

Also set in the Old West is Helen Adam's His Mother's Son, a poignant look at Ezra through Maude's eyes.

Clara has added another story to her SEALs, Salvage and Terrorists AU entitled Ice Station Zebra. Chris / Vin and a trecherous mission in Antarctica. What is not to love? It's listed at the 7/7 archive and will be added to the blackraptor listings soon.


Contemplating 5000 (and new stories)

I got a kick out of this graphic that KT sent commemorating blackraptor's 5,000th story, so I thought I'd share it here:

Thanks, KT!

I'd also like to thank the  "elves"  who have made blackraptor possible over the past 10+ years. Some have moved on- Li'l Bit, who originally maintained the character pages, C.V. Puerro who did a fantastic job setting up the adult character pages, and Maygra, who set up the author index for the 7/7 archive.  There are those whose contributions are on-going; Rolinda, Finder of Broken Links, Kim, who lets us know when we've screwed something up, Lynda, who gathers stories for the Vin page, and Marnie, who has read almost all 5,000 fics and is a veritable font of knowledge when attempting to locate "that story about ------ that I can't remember the name of or who wrote it." Then there are the faithful HTML warrior elves, Gina, who now maintains the adult character pages, and is the Coder of Giant Files, and Joy, who keeps our main pages up-to-date (and also keeps track of how many stories there are). I couldn't do it without them, and I appreciate them all more than I can say! And let's not forget the lifeblood of blackraptor - the writers and the readers who keep our wonderful Boys alive, 10 years after CBS tried to kill them off. You are the best!

Now, for today's offerings! SueM has updated her Everyday collection with two Vin-and-JD stories. I have to confess to a special fondness for the young'uns, and if you are also of that persuasion, I am sure you will enjoy Misery Loves Company and From the Heart.

And, a new writer has joined our ranks with a bittersweet slash story that fans of both the Chris / Vin and Chris / Buck pairing won't want to miss - just have your hankies ready when you read Sully's 1 Woman's Saturday Morning. It's listed at the 7/7 archive and will be added to the adult listings soon.

Happy reading!


blackraptor has reached the 5,000 mark!

Five new stories have just been added.

SueM has written two in the Las Vegas AU, Protecting Their Own featuring JD, and its sequel, A Matter of Honor, in which Buck, Inez and JD are the main characters.

A third story by Sue, Thirty-Five Minutes, has Buck and JD (and the rest of the Seven) as members of the RNLI, in a unique AU where the Seven are British. RNLI is pretty much 'extreme Coast Guard' so you can expect an exciting tale!

For those of you who enjoy the Seven as brothers, Not a Keeper is a nice, long story you can spend an afternoon reading. Ezra is the youngest of the brothers, and the main character in this story by Subtleshadeofgrey.

And finally, there is fic number 5,000, a crossover with an early Eric Close series, McKenna. Identical twins Vin Tanner and Brick McKenna find danger and adventure in the Pacific Northwest in Double Dare by Winter. (Yes, she also wrote 1000, 2000 and 3000 - Think she plans it? <g>)

Snarky comment

Okay, right now I am trying to read a book that has me wondering how the hell some people get published. It's not a vanity press thing, either. It's written by someone who actually found an agent and sold his book to a publisher. Here is an example of how he writes:

"There was a cataclysm of light, so brilliant in its whiteness that it was as if the universe itself had been inverted, imparting upon the gossamer optic nerves of us mere mortals a curiously ironic darkness, for we were able to percieve it no more than a garden slug percieves the writings of Aristotle."

In other words "We were blinded by a flash of white light."

If this guy was a fan fic writer, we would be laughing at him.

Three diverse stories from Anneack for today; This Is for the Birds! is set in an alternate Little Britches universe in the timeframe of the 50s. A Perfect Pair also takes place in an Alternate Universe, the Seventh Heaven Animal Sanctuary AU. It features Chris and Vin and, naturally, Pony and Peso. Definition of Family is an Old West tale that features all of the Seven, with an injured Ezra as the central focus.

Happy reading!
There just can't be too much frustrated Ezra, so we have to love Helen Adams for giving us the ATF story Days Like That. Short, and good for a smile.

Farad has added another installment to her Weaving Collection, Knotting II: The Blood Knot, which is set at the end of Manhunt. The main page for this collection has been reorganized presenting the stories in chronological order. The stories primarily feature Chris / Vin (though there are other pairings as well). It is listed in the 7/7 archive, and will be added to the adult pages soon.
We have two new gen stories by Megan, How to Get Rid of a Mole, an ATF story featuring all Seven of the boys, and a fic in the Star Trek AU, How Not to Get to a Vacation, with Ezra, Buck and Chris as the main characters.

Helen Adams has also given us a new slash series, Games of Chance, set in the Old West and featuring Ezra and his friends (sometimes more than one, at the same time... 'nuff said!). There are three stories to start it off. All are listed at the 7/7 archive and will be added to the blackraptor adult pages soon.

Something about JD...

The Art of Collaboration by Heather M. has some fun with the character of JD Dunne and does it with some clever twists on third-party observations.

Little Ezra

A treat for fans of "Little Ezra" - Helen Adams has written a tale featuring li'l Ez, as well as several child canon characters, entitled Invaluable. It's a nice, long story, so be prepared for some quality reading time!

Sep. 4th, 2009

KT has written a ficlet set in the ATF-LB universe immediately before Vin and JD are discovered in that abandoned warehouse. Too Late features some bittersweet interaction between Buck and Nathan as they discuss the possibilities of fatherhood. (This fic deals with the subject of cancer, so readers who have difficulty with that theme are hereby forewarned).